The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation is developing a national employment policy.

This was the response of Minister Utoni Nujoma to a question by Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) MP Kennedy Shekupakela about the ministry's plan to address youth unemployment in the country. The policy will help the government and unemployed graduates have proper coordination for employment creation.

"The Ministry is in the process of developing the third national employment policy. The aim of the policy is for the government to have a national position on employment creation for proper coordination."

He said that the policy would highlight strategies and programmes towards employment creation as well as responsible institutions to ensure that those strategies and programmes are implemented.

"I also want to emphasise that employment creation is not solely the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and needs concerted efforts from all institutions. Therefore, everybody should play a part and report progress to this August house."

Nujoma said the ministry took appropriate action to develop a roadmap to ensure that graduates are not parked at home.

"The Ministry developed a career guidebook, which is subsequently updated every four years. This book provides valuable information regarding career planning, which is the most important decision an individual makes in a lifetime. It provides information on the subjects one has to take in order to pursue a certain career, a list of training institutions, and the training courses they offer. Outraged the youth to create opportunities for themselves and other youth. Formal employment is not the only measure to reduce poverty; hence, the youth should be encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship in order to create jobs for themselves and employ others. TVET should therefore be promoted."

He said that his ministry is continuing to offer career guidance to learners, which is a means of providing them with a sense of direction regarding career pathways and making them aware of the opportunities available in the labour market.

Nujoma said since the current Career Guidance Book is ending this year, the Ministry has started the process of updating the book and developing the new Career Book based on the new careers that have emerged in the labour market.

He said that consultation processes have already started with educational institutions.

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