The Namibia Football Association's League Director, Mabos Vries, expressed his concerns about the lack of pitch inspection by match officials during the Debmarine Namibia Premiership match between Orlando Pirates and Eeshoke Chula Chula. The absence of corner flags caused a delay of 26 minutes in the Sunday fixture.

Vries mentioned that the match officials got caught up in the vibrant atmosphere, neglecting their pre-match duty of inspecting the pitch. To prevent such inconveniences in the future, the NFA plans to hold meetings with top-flight clubs, coordinators, and officials to better plan the games and remind everyone of their responsibilities.

Vries clarified that financial difficulties faced by the clubs led to the continuation of playing two matches over the weekend instead of one. However, the NFA aims to transition to a single header format, and they will conduct a Club Licensing course in February to facilitate this change. 

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Nicolaus Thiremo/ Ndapewoshali Festus