Goraseb’s faction scores win


The long-dragging case of Black Africa was put to bed in the Windhoek High Court today when Judge Herman Oosthuizen ruled in favor of the Lolo Goraseb & Tommy Adams Black Africa faction, which plays in the Southern Stream under the auspices of the NFA.

The faction was represented by Logino Goraseb of Ileni Velikoshi Inc.

One of the Black Africa factions took the case to the High Court to seek justice, which after several postponements was finally concluded today.

Brave Warriors official attire clarified


The Namibia Sport Commission (NPC) and its affiliate, the Namibia Football Association (NFA), have instructed their technical team to immediately withdraw the official attire from being worn by the Brave Warriors.

This follows a media statement the NPC issued previously, indicating that they want to gain clarity on the attire picked for the Namibia National Senior Men's Football team, which featured prominently on social media on January 9th this year.

Robert Shimooshili NFA president


In a closely contested election held at the Mercure Hotel earlier today, Robert Shimooshili was elected as the new president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), defeating his rival, Patrick Kauta, by a vote of 19 to 15.

The NFA has been plagued by infighting in recent years, which led FIFA to appoint two normalization committees to oversee the running of Namibian football.

These disagreements effectively brought the sport to a standstill for approximately three years.