The Head of Academic Affairs at the University of Namibia's Southern Campus, Rauna Namukwambi, is calling on teachers to uphold the ethics and values of the teaching profession.

Namukwambi addressed a teaching practicum stakeholder engagement held at Keetmanshoop.

The stakeholder engagement, held under the theme' improving communication and coordination of teaching practicum', is the first-ever gathering organised by the UNAM Southern Campus.

Rauna Namukwambi, the Head of Academic Affairs at UNAM Southern Campus, says, "Some of the issues that we are not addressing during the teaching practice are that sometimes the professionalism of our teachers is diminishing, so it's the role of the teachers to ensure that they uphold professionalism and the conduct of our teachers because a teacher is a very important person, not only in school but also highly rated as a learned person in the community."

Moreover, Namukwambi encouraged teachers to provide input into the education curriculum.

UNAM's School-Based Studies Coordinator highlighted some of the stakeholder engagement's objectives.

Simon Albin, a lecturer and SBS Coordinator at UNAM Southern Campus, says, "How can we integrate the experience learning of teachers? You will agree with me that some of the newly trained graduates are still uncomfortable, buckling, or less motivated to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms using technology, especially now that we talk about the economy struggling."

Educators from the Hardap and Omaheke regions joined the engagement virtually.

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