Dr. Lemmer High School celebrates its 75th anniversary


In a jubilant celebration of 75 years of commitment to empowering learners and shaping future leaders, Dr. Lemmer High School marked this milestone with the Nedbank Relay Championship competition.

The event was filled with various activities, including the 100, 200, and 400-metre runs. 

Teachers and learners from schools as far as the Namakwa Region in South Africa joined the celebration, highlighting the school's impact beyond its immediate community.

MPs call for training of teachers on the revised curriculum


Members of Parliament in the National Council urged the government to prioritise training for teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to effectively navigate the revised curriculum.

They were contributing to the report of the Standing Committee on Education on the high failure rate of learners for the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary and the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advance Subsidiary levels in 2022.

Teachers at Minna Sachs Primary School feel threatened


Teachers at Minna Sachs Primary School say they feel threatened by the parents who are picketing in front of the school. 

The parents are demanding that the position of principal be re-advertised and that a person fluent in Khoekhoegowab be considered for the position since learners attending the school are from a predominantly Khoekhoegowab-speaking community.

The Kalahari Circuit Inspector, Ryan Assegaai, advised the teachers to report threatening behaviour against them to the police. 

Assegaai requested that teachers remain calm and continue with teaching.

Education Ministry awards best performing in ||Kharas Region


The Directorate of Education Arts and Culture in the ||Kharas Region awarded the best-performing teachers, learners, and schools with certificates after the recently released performance statistics by the Directorate of National Examinations.

This year, the Directorate of National Examinations. released a list of about five hundred best-performing learners countrywide, while the ||Kharas region was ranked third overall in the grade 11 AS level examination. 

||Kharas Governor Aletha Fredericks officiated at the event.

Education evolve in the Kavango Region since before independence


Education is often referred to as the key to a successful future, and it is compulsory for a Namibian child.

Before independence, it was an achievement in the Kavango Region for one to produce good results. Schools in the Kavango Region were constructed based on traditional jurisdictions.

Each of the schools had a hostel to accommodate the learners, while the curriculum had four terms, and some learners would only return home after the fourth term.

On the western side of Kavango, there was Katjimi Murangi School, which was established in 1976.

Education Director raises alarm over literacy crisis


The Executive Director of Education, Arts, and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp, says that the world has been in a learning crisis since before COVID-19, and Namibia is no exception.

Steenkamp says that the literacy crisis in the county is far worse than previously thought, with the discovery that only one out of three learners can read.

She revealed this during the 2024 Nedbank coastal budget review breakfast meeting at Swakopmund.

Zambezi Education stakeholders called to play their part without blaming each other


Zambezi Governor, Alufea Sampofu, says the region's NSSCO and NSSCA results over the past years have been disappointing.

Sampofu wonders where the problem is if all teachers are qualified, while the environment in most schools is conducive to learning and teaching.

Therefore, he called on education stakeholders to play their part without blaming each other.

The Zambezi Governor observed that it is not clear whether all parents are involved in their children's education to assist teachers.

Perseverance required to achieve results at rural schools


Teachers at rural schools should overcome many challenges to produce great results in terms of learner performance.

This was emphasised during the Kandjimi Circuit and Kavango West teachers conference held at Nkurenkuru.

Lack of proper classroom infrastructure and teaching materials and long-distance walks to school are some of the major challenges pointed out over the years affecting teaching and learning at rural schools.

The principal of Sikumba Junior Primary School, Markes Kasanga, says it requires hard work and perseverance to succeed.

Teachers urged to uphold ethics and values of profession


The Head of Academic Affairs at the University of Namibia's Southern Campus, Rauna Namukwambi, is calling on teachers to uphold the ethics and values of the teaching profession.

Namukwambi addressed a teaching practicum stakeholder engagement held at Keetmanshoop.

The stakeholder engagement, held under the theme' improving communication and coordination of teaching practicum', is the first-ever gathering organised by the UNAM Southern Campus.

A day in a teacher's life


October 5th is World Teachers' Day. It is celebrated every year to recognise the important role that teachers play in education.

Our nbc News team visited Dr. Alpo Mbamba Secondary School in Rundu and compiled this report. 

33-year-old Tuhafeni Michael is the only teacher offering integrated performance arts in the north-eastern region.

The subject is a combination of music, dance, and drama. 

When the nbc News team paid his class a visit, learners were busy with music theory.