The fourth and final leg of the NBC Fun Run is set to take place over the upcoming weekend.

After successfully concluding the first three legs, the event is now heading to Rundu, promising a thrilling and engaging experience for participants.

The primary objective of the NBC Fun Run is to promote fitness and employee cohesion among participants. This event serves as a platform for individuals to come together, engage in physical activity, and foster a sense of unity within the NBC community.

Lucy-K Rocco, the event organizer at NBC, expressed her delight at the turnout witnessed during the previous editions of the Fun Run. The overwhelming participation and support from the community have made this event a resounding success.

In addition to promoting fitness and camaraderie, the NBC Fun Run also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness for breast cancer. By hosting this event, NBC aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts of spreading awareness about this important cause and supporting those affected by breast cancer.

With the final leg of the NBC Fun Run approaching, excitement is building among participants and spectators alike. The event promises to be a memorable experience for all involved, combining physical activity, team spirit, and a shared commitment to a worthy cause.

As the runners gather in Rundu for this grand finale, the NBC Fun Run is poised to leave a lasting impact, both in terms of promoting fitness and raising awareness about breast cancer.



Janneth !Gaoses