Public enterprises have been critical in providing public goods, generating revenue, and increasing access to public services for the people, among others.

However, some of them have been finding the going tough and have been running at a loss, constantly requiring government bailouts.

A consultative meeting on public enterprise ownership policy was held at Oshakati in the Oshana Region.

At independence, Namibia only had 12 parastatals, but the figure now stands at 81.

In his keynote address, Oshana Governor Elia Irimari says public enterprises are the backbone of Namibia's economy as they play a fundamental role in propelling socio-economic growth and development.

Irimari adds that the policy framework guiding the ownership and management of public enterprises is crucial to efficiency and accountability that contribute to the public good.

''Today, as we delve into the intricacies of the PEOP, we recognise the gravity of our responsibility. The outcomes of our discussions and decisions will extend beyond these walls, influencing the livelihoods of our citizens and shaping the future trajectory of our region.''

The Deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises, Louise Shixwameni, says state-owned enterprises are significant players in many countries around the world as they have a direct impact on the social, political, and economic development of a country and on people's everyday lives.

On this occasion, Irimari was joined by Shixwameni to defend the public broadcaster nbc During the meeting, participants accused the nbc of not doing well in executing its duties as a public enterprise.

''There was a stage when nbc was not performing well, but according to reports, we receive the revenue collected from licence holders; it has been upgraded, and the app nbc Plus has created a bit of revenue within the nbc it is no longer the nbc we used to talk about.''

''In terms of radio coverage, there is about 90% coverage of radio and television. People can now watch now nbc on their cell phones. That is a big improvement. You don't need to have electricity to watch nbc That is progress, but nbc can do very well if we pay the TV licence. ''


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