Public enterprises critical to providing public goods

Public enterprises have been critical in providing public goods, generating revenue, and increasing access to public services for the people, among others.

However, some of them have been finding the going tough and have been running at a loss, constantly requiring government bailouts.

A consultative meeting on public enterprise ownership policy was held at Oshakati in the Oshana Region.

At independence, Namibia only had 12 parastatals, but the figure now stands at 81.

OPM revises Customer Service Charter

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has revised the Customer Service Charter to further cement its commitment to the advancement of public service delivery.

The customer service charter is considered a significant milestone in public services as it integrates the functions and inputs of the offices within the public sector. It is against this background that the office of the Prime Minister launched the revised version of the customer service charter.

Retirement funds and education policies affected by new amendments to Income Tax Act

The Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises announced to the general public on Thursday the new amendments made to the Income Tax Act of 2022.

The ministry made the announcement in a media statement on Thursday, saying the amended Act of 2022 will now include taxation of incomes received upon disposal of any ownership of a petroleum license or a right to mine petroleum resources in Namibia.

The new law is effective as of January 1, 2023, according to the statement.