Individuals urged not to spread HIV intentionally

An Oshana Region-based AIDS activist went public about her HIV status 21 years ago and has since not looked back, advocating to end stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

The mother of four and grandmother of ten, Anita Isaacks, who is currently a resident of Olupumbi Village, discovered her HIV status at the age of 37 in 1996.
She had gone for a job interview at Oshakati, and providing her HIV status was one of the requirements.

Certified quality seeds run out

Certified-quality seeds produced and sold to the community, government, and individuals by the Northern Namibia Farmers Seed Growers Cooperative at the Omahenene seed multiplication and seed processing plant have run out.

This is the time when crop farmers and community members flock to Omahenene seed multiplication and seed processing offices to purchase certified seeds as they look forward to preparing their mahangu fields.

Omusati residents welcome rain

Omusati residents welcomed the much-awaited rain, which brought relief to both humans and animals.

Some of those we spoke to at Omaulai village say they have been receiving showers for the past few days, but last night's rainfall filled oshanas with water.

Some crop farmers can, however, not start to plough their fields as some are too wet and some are partly submerged.

People who settled in flood-prone areas have started to feel the pinch, with some residents blaming the headmen and women for allocating plots to desperate land seekers on waterways.

Guardians urged to discipline children

Education is a shared responsibility, and parents are called upon to support schools and teachers in maintaining discipline, which will positively contribute to their academic performance.

Learners have to be disciplined at school, and they are expected to be accountable for their actions in and out of the classroom.

In an interview with nbc News, Ohangwena Education Director Isak Hamatwi emphasised that parents are expected to collaborate with school leadership.

Public enterprises critical to providing public goods

Public enterprises have been critical in providing public goods, generating revenue, and increasing access to public services for the people, among others.

However, some of them have been finding the going tough and have been running at a loss, constantly requiring government bailouts.

A consultative meeting on public enterprise ownership policy was held at Oshakati in the Oshana Region.

At independence, Namibia only had 12 parastatals, but the figure now stands at 81.

NamWater devises long-term solutions

NamWater is planning to develop the new Olushandja Waste Water Treatment Plant in the Omusati Region to increase water supply to the western and southern parts of the region.

NamWater Chief Executive Officer Abraham Nehemiah says in the past 5 years they have been experiencing serious water interruptions, especially during the dry season.

Thus, he says, there is a need to find an amicable solution to the problem.

Design consultants for the new Olushandja Treatment Plant have already been appointed.

NamWater calls on Gov to help settle community debts

NamWater Operations Manager Abraham Ashipala has called on the government to consider settling the debts owed to it by rural water schemes.

Oshana local water committee owes the water utility N$59,6 million.

NamWater made an appeal to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Development at Oshakati, which is conducting oversight hearings on a motion to write off historic debts.

Oshakati Town Council does not have historic debts, however, it has an outstanding invoice for October of N$2.3 million.

NamWater strives to restore water supply to Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions

NamWater is working to restore water supply to the affected communities in the Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions.

Thus far, the water utility has made significant progress in resolving the recent water supply decrease due to critical maintenance work carried out on its infrastructure, which resulted in water interruptions from the source downstream to the two regions.

In a media statement, NamWater announced that the water level in the canal at Ogongo has now risen to 880 mili-metres, exceeding the usual 750 mili-metre level.

Oshana Region customers owe NORED N$3.6 million

NORED customers in the Oshana Region owe the electricity utility N$3.6 million.

Of this, N$734,000 has been outstanding for more than a year.

The information was shared during the hearing of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Development at Oshakati on the motion to write off historic electricity and water debts in the Oshana, Oshikoto, and Otjozondjupa Regions.

The motion was tabled by the Landless People's Movement's (LPM) MP, Henny Seibeb.

MAWLR commits to supply water to affected communities

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform says it is working to ensure that there is water supply to communities in the Omusati, Oshikoto, and Ohangwena regions, as well as in Daures Constituency in the Erongo Region.

The communities have been experiencing challenges with water supply.

Tondoro Constituency in the Kavango West Region and Otjombinde in the Omaheke Region are also affected by water supply interruptions.