The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, has urged the top echelon of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) to implement strategic policies aligned with modern defence technology.

Minister Kapofi made these remarks while addressing a defence annual review conference at Swakopmund.
Kapofi stated that it is high time for the NDF to expand and manifest itself within the scope of modern technology, calling it a paradigm shift in fighting evolution. 

He underlined the importance of educating men and women in uniform as well as equipping them with the necessary knowledge and modern network security devices.

"Last week, on the 8th of November, we witnessed the graduation of the first intake of the Professional Qualified Officers' Course in Walvis Bay. Such courses are imperative as we seek to improve and strengthen our force's quality. We intend to build a modernised defence force designed to be at the cutting edge of our nation's innovation in research and technology. It's essential that we raise the profile of the noble role of our soldiers. 

Technology has advanced so much that we can no longer do most things without it."
Kapofi advised that the current defence communication system be revamped and that cutting-edge innovation through research and technology should be a top priority.

"Anyone seeking to attack this country will first target its defence system, which is us. Let us not be oblivious to the current technological developments, especially in space and cyberspace, which are increasingly involved in military confrontations."

Echoing the same sentiment was Air Marshal Martin Kambulu Pinehas, who highlighted the crucial aspects related to the NDF, stressing the need for strategic dialogue to align the force with contemporary warfare demands.

"We come here to evaluate ourselves and to determine whether the Namibian Defence Force is ready to defend this country. Whether we, as the Namibian Defence Force, are ready to carry out the mandate assigned to us by our people."

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The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs


Teoporta Nghipunya