The Independent Midwives Association of Namibia, in collaboration with the University of Namibia, are hosting a midwifery leadership workshop.

The workshop aims to foster knowledge exchange, professional development, global cooperation, and excellence in midwifery practices.

The event saw active participation from institutions such as Cardiff University and the World Health Organisation, marking a collaborative effort to advance and strengthen leadership in the field of midwifery.

During the conference, participants will share knowledge and forge international collaboration to improve midwifery leadership.

The training is in line with the Wales and Africa Grant Scheme of the Welsh Government, demonstrating a joint endeavour to advance quality in midwifery practices.

UNAM's Executive Dean of Health Science and Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Judith Hall, outlined the significance of midwifery from the beginning of time.

"Midwifery is the ultimate international profession. Midwifery has been with us since the first ever mama called on this earth. Women have helped women; midwives have helped women since the dawn of time; it's a global profession."

Prof. Judith emphasised teamwork in midwifery.

"We must all work for the good of the Namibian people together so that the standard of childbirth for families, for babies, and for moms is the highest; therefore, it's about leadership but also about team play."

The Director of the World Health Organisation's Collaborating Center for Midwifery Development, Grace Thomas, expressed gratitude for the unique opportunity.

"We know if midwives are enabled to work the full scope of their profession and are able to work in a regulated way as part of multidisciplinary teams, they can actually prevent about 80% of maternal deaths globally."

The Independent Midwives Association of Namibia board member and managing director, Annaloice Penduka, highlighted the organisation's mission and the progress being made in the field of midwifery.

"The vision for IMANA is for us to actually find and provide leadership and support using the six pillars that have been noted by the International Confederation of Midwives."

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