Lack of job opportunities and economic hardships motivate Namibians to use their creativity and start businesses on the streets of Windhoek.

Luwien Basson, 37, makes living room table sets from recycled tyres to make ends meet. From old tyres to comfortable sofas, furniture sets for your home.

Luwien Basson got tired of sitting at home doing nothing, and in October this year, he decided to put his creative talent to use in a business dealing with old tyres.

Basson says that before he started his business, he was just sitting at home without a clue about how to earn an income.

Now, he sells living room sets, and N$1000 will get you six chairs and a table.

He added that since starting his venture, he has managed to sell, on average, two sets per month.

Like other businesses affected by seasons, holiday time in Windhoek means things are slow, and he is finding it difficult to make a sale.

He currently has one employee assisting him to cut and put the chairs and tables together.

He collects the tyres for free, but buying paint, paying rent for the space he operates from, and paying his employee are among his regular expenses.

"Mostly the paint, nails, and paint brush consume most of the profits. A bucket of paint might cost me around N$450. Then there are the screwdriver and paint brush that need to be bought. At the end of the day, I am left with only N$250 or N$300."

Hoping to expand his business in the New Year and create employment for more people, Basson is pleading with any good samaritans to come on board and sponsor his venture.



Hendrina Kanyolo