Walvis Bay Police Officer Bartholomeus Shindimba made his first appearance in Walvis Bay Magistrates Court after a phone belonging to Vernon John Gavin, who was killed on December 30, was found in his possession.

He was granted bail of N$1,000.

Gavin was raped, killed, and robbed at his house in Banker Close Fairways at Walvis Bay on the 30th of December.
His phone was traced to the suspect, a police officer named Bartholomeus Shindimba, who, according to Erongo Police Community Affairs Unit Commander, Ileni Shapumba, is regarded as the third suspect and will face charges related to the possession of stolen property.

Shindimba's case has been postponed to April 17 this year.

Two other suspects, both 20 years of age, Quanito van Vuuren and Moses Sem, have already made their first appearance and remain in police custody.

Their case has been postponed to April 2.

During their court appearance, one of the accused denied the rape charge and demanded that a DNA test be conducted.
It is alleged that the deceased, who was staying alone in his house, was attacked and killed in his bedroom by someone he was socializing with.

His legs were tied up with curtains and blind ropes, and a face cloth was stuffed into his mouth.
The body of the deceased was found in strange circumstances in his bathroom by the neighbors, who jumped over the wall fence to investigate what happened after several calls to him went unanswered.
The deceased's personal items and properties were found in his Opel pickup truck that was parked in the locked garage.



Stefan |Uirab