Officials from the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) will be returning to the households in February as part of the final phase of the Post-Enumeration Survey Reconciliation exercise.

The households to be visited are those with persons whose details do not match the information collected during the Census and Post-Enumeration Survey.

The NSA conducted the post-enumeration survey between November 6 and 24, last year, in selected constituencies and enumeration areas.

Following this, the officials undertook a matching operation process to compare data obtained during the Census and the Post-Enumeration Survey, or PES.

Now the census officials will go back to all the households in the identified constituencies with the intent to correct information found not to be matching.

The households that were not interviewed during the PES would not be visited for the reconciliation operation, commencing next month.

The NSA further clarified that not all those who were contacted for the PES will be contacted for reconciliation.

The PES reconciliation process is part of the 2023 Population and Housing Census, and the NSA encouraged households to cooperate in the last phase of data capture, after which the NSA anticipates releasing a preliminary report.

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Blanche Goreses