NSA ready for census

The Namibian Statistics Agency says it is ready to conduct the Population and Housing Census.

NSA's Stastician General Alex Shimuafeni explains who will be counted during the Census Reference Night of the 24th.

Census transport service providers must report to their constituencies

Transport service providers in the 2023 Population and Housing Census are urged to report to their constituency offices, where their vehicles are allocated, from September 16 to 17.

Although the deadline is today, the NSA says those who have not reported yet will not be turned away.

The service providers are urged to take along their identification cards, a copy of the vehicle owner certificate, and a letter of concern if the owner is not the one taking the vehicle.

They are also required to provide a bank confirmation letter by Tuesday, the 19th.

Tsumkwe youth protest over census candidate list

Youth in Tsumkwe maintain their protest over the census candidate list and demand answers.

In Tsumkwe, the youth community continued their demonstration this morning, expressing their dissatisfaction with the supplementary list of candidates for this year's National Population and Housing Census. The group's chairperson, Simson Kapembe, revealed that the list was meant to undergo verification involving the councillor's office and two youth representatives.

Census enumerators threatened

Some residents who reside in the Windhoek Rural Constituency have threatened to unleash dogs on Census enumerators who do not speak the indigenous languages of the people in those areas.

Windhoek Rural Constituency Councillor, Piet Adams, called a press conference today where he, together with those who did not make the cut, decried the selection process of shortlisted candidates in the constituency. The allegations include the term tribalism, which the government and those with authority warn against.

Census concerns on private farms

As the nation gears itself for the imminent Population and Housing Census exercise, Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua has voiced concern over private farm owners that act as "mini republics" and deny officials access to the workers employed on their premises.

Uerikua made this remark during a courtesy visit by the nbc's Chief of News and Programming, Menesia Muinjo, and various heads of department as well as staff members to his office recently.

Census for agriculture to take place in the 2025 and 2026 agricultural seasons

The census for agriculture is scheduled to take place between the 2025 and 2026 agricultural seasons.

Gaps and scattered data in the agriculture sector have prompted the appropriate development of statistical strategies.

Stakeholders are attending a workshop on the Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Rural Statistics (SPARS) and the Development of Namibia Census of Agriculture Project Document.

They reiterated the importance of an agricultural census as a key building block for providing the framework necessary to develop agriculture surveys and benchmark results.

|Khomanin Traditional Authority say NSA recruitment process is discriminatory

The |Khomanin Traditional Authority says the online registration and application process for potential employment for the 2023 Population and Housing Census deprives rural citizens, particularly youth, of opportunities for employment.

In a country where many are unemployed, the announcement by the Namibian Statistics Agency (NSA) that it is undertaking a mass recruitment drive of over 13,000 Census Field Staff sowed a glimmer of hope for thousands of Namibians, particularly the youth who have no access to the internet, let alone smartphones.

Oshana Regional Council avails facilities NSA

Oshana Regional Council will avail its facilities to the Namibian Statistics Agency (NSA) during the upcoming Population and Housing Census, slated for later this year.

Addressing an NSA engagement meeting, Governor Elia Irimari assured the agency that it would be given space and resources to ensure that the upcoming census is carried out effectively and efficiently.

This year's census will be conducted from August to October 2023. 

NSA updates various stakeholders in Omusati on upcoming census

The Namibia Statistic Agency (NSA) met various stakeholders in Omusati Region to update them on the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing census.  

The last Population and Housing Census conducted in Namibia was in 2011 and according to the Census Manager Isaak Neemu, this year's focus will be on Population and Housing.

Recruitment has already started and will end in June.

NSA advised those with permanent employment not to apply because they will not be considered.

Namibia's inability to conduct a census timely may negatively affect planning- Dr Steytler

The former Statistician-General at the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) says Namibia's inability to conduct a census timely may negatively affect planning due to a lack of accurate data. 

Dr John Steytler was referring to the cancellation of the census owing to the lack of funds and the outdated household income and expenditure survey which was last conducted six years ago.