The memorial service, which took place at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church, was an opportunity to learn about the late Professor Tötemeyers' personal side.

The professor was an active member of the church, sometimes preaching twice a Sunday up until recently.

Sonja Tötemeyer-Du Plessis, the youngest of four children, says her father had a razor-sharp mind and an active body that hardly rested. Tötemeyer's lastborn says her father flowed between the family members like a carefully woven Nakara tapestry, and bits of him are in them.

Tötemeyer was nicknamed "Oupa Baard" by the younger family members because his white, bushy beard reminded them of Santa Claus. Coincidentally, "Oupa Baard", who cooked breakfasts for his family on Christmas, was the biggest fan of the holiday.

The family members say they will carry the professors' legacy forward in their actions. He is survived by his wife, professor Andree-Jeanne, four children, and six grandchildren.



Renate Rengura