The people of the Kunene region gathered in solemn remembrance as they paid befitting tributes to the late President Hage Geingob during their regional memorial service held in Opuwo.

The atmosphere was filled with soothing hymns, poetry, and traditional mourning practices.

The Ombimbi cultural group led the procession in Dr. Geingob's honour.

Emotional scenes played out at Opuwo, as replications of cultural rituals of mourning practices by the Ovahimba and Ovaherero communities came to the fore in paying tribute to Dr. Geingob.

Soothing hymns echoed through the air, offering a sense of comfort and solace to those in mourning and expressing the image of a great statesman who they said was instrumental in their lives.

Kunene regional governor Marius Sheya, in his tribute, hailed Geingob's leadership, saying he demonstrated much needed inclusivity that transcended tribal lines and political affiliation.

"And I have been taught by this great leader to be selfless. When he appointed me, he didn't say I appoint you to go and govern. His exact words were, I have appointed you to go and serve the people of Kunene as a governor. And I was reminding all of us leaders here that leadership is demonstrated when you come down to the level of those you are governing. When they are picking up chairs, you pick up chairs, not sit in your office and ask, Should I come? I have learned from this great man."

Poetic tributes filled the air, capturing the essence of President Geingob's leadership and his impact on the region and its people.

Speaker after speaker praised him for being a symbol of unity, progress, and hope.

"The Kunene region, which is the most diverse region in the country, has paid tribute to the late Dr. Hage Geingob with song and praise, as well as befitting tributes honouring the late Geingob. Ongeyama yau"

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