Global football body FIFA has rejected the NFA's request to extend the country's transfer window period.

The NFA's request, submitted in the form of a letter to FIFA, asked the global body to extend the transfer window to Friday, the 23rd of this month, after the local second period of the transfer window ended on the 12th of this month.

In a reply to the NFA over the weekend, FIFA emphasized that for reasons of equal treatment and legal security, registration periods may only be amended or modified prior to their beginning.

The world governing body referred the NFA to Article 8, paragraph 2 of the regulations on the status and transfer of players, which clearly stipulates that no modification of dates is permitted once the registration period has commenced.

Approached for comment off-camera from the coast today, NFA President Robert Shimoshili stated that all the teams under the association's banner have registered within the timeframe of the second registration period, which ended on the 12th of this month.

Shimoshili mentioned that the request for an extension was to register players expected to participate in the annual Namibia Newspaper Cup, which FIFA also required to be registered in the system.

He further stated that this matter will be revisited in consultations with FIFA before the commencement of the regional youth tournament.



Kavii Vezemburuka