New allegations have emerged in the Okahandja shooting incident, where five men lost their lives in April 2023 in connection with an alleged planned robbery.

The men were shot and killed by the Namibian Police and the Windhoek City Police.

The serious allegations have been made public on social media pages by activist Michael Amushelelo.

He claims that sources within the police force have provided him with information that implicates and links two of the deceased individuals to the drug bust of the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) Board chairperson, Jennifer Comalie.

Comalie was arrested in March last year after the police received a tip-off that she was carrying illicit drugs in her car.

According to Amushelelo's social media posts, the suspended Managing Director of NAMCOR, Imms Mulunga, is allegedly the mastermind behind Comalie's arrest.

Amushelelo's sources allege that two of the deceased were following instructions from Imms Mulunga, who communicated with them through a police officer, to plant drugs in Comalie's car.

Mulunga is said to have paid the deceased individuals N$400,000, falling N$300,000 short of the agreed-upon N$700,000, for framing Comalie.

The nbc contacted Mulunga, who dismissed Amushelelo's allegations as slanderous and lacking any basis in truth.

Mulunga wrote to nbc stating that the allegations are "a severe case of character defamation that will not go unchallenged."

He also denied knowing any of the deceased individuals mentioned by Amushelelo, urging him to present the evidence to law enforcement agencies.

The police released a statement one week after the five suspected robbers were shot and killed in Okahandja last year, and three weeks before the shooting, drugs were discovered in Comalie's vehicle.

Deputy Inspector General Elias Mutota, in the first official police report on the controversial killings, announced an investigation into a murder case against the police officers involved in the shooting.

Mutota explained that the police had received intelligence about a planned robbery at a farm in the |Khomas Region and at a gambling house in Okahandja.

According to Mutota, officers responded to the call and pursued the suspects from the Windhoek-Okahandja Road Traffic Checkpoint to Okahandja, where the suspects allegedly disappeared.

The suspects were later seen at a gambling house near the Okahandja Municipality offices, leading to a pursuit within Okahandja town, as stated by Mutota.

Post-mortem reports obtained by nbc indicate that one of the suspects, Malakia Kotokeni, sustained eight gunshot wounds to the back, while for the others, reports only mention'multiple' gunshot wounds.

No police officer was injured during the incident.

At the time, the police mentioned that a sixth suspect who was also in the car had fled the scene. However, no information has been released by the police regarding this suspect.

Comalie's drug charges have been dropped from the court records after a Windhoek magistrate declined to grant the State more time to conclude investigations.

On Sunday, nbc contacted Police Spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi regarding the allegations and the identity of the sixth suspect involved in the Okahandja shooting.

Shikwambi assured nbc that she would respond after consulting with the Head of Criminal Investigation Directorate and the Police Conduct Investigation Head.




Emil Xamro Seibeb