The United People's Movement (UPM) MP, Jan van Wyk, has refuted the allegations of violating an alliance agreement with the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).

"We had a meeting with PDM on the 15th of February this year. We discussed the matter, and we were in agreement that we go into elections as different entities. We even discussed the possibility of coming together after the elections. We went our ways, and there were no fights—nothing. They were satisfied that we'd informed them; at least we have the decency to inform them that this is the way that we are going to take it."

With regard to supporting Ally Angula, Van Wyk stated that there was no agreement to that effect.

"Now, what they were saying is that, according to them, we have agreed to support Venaani as president and also to support the PDM. We have not seen that agreement. The only agreement that is currently in place is the agreement that talks about working together in the 2019 National Assembly elections, presidential elections, and the 2020 regional council elections. It is unfortunate that they don't have the decency at least to talk to us, just to see how we can solve this."

Van Wyk expressed disappointment with PDM's approach, claiming that they received a notification via WhatsApp accusing UPM of violating the agreement. 

He suggested that PDM's motivation might be financial, alleging an attempt to gain control of the funds allocated based on seat distribution within the alliance.

Highlighting a fundamental disagreement, Van Wyk asserted that UPM is an independent political party and rejects any notion that they needed PDM's approval to contest the upcoming elections in November 2024.

"I can promise the people out there that, with or without money, we are going to support Ally Angula. We are going to promote the alliance, go to the polls on the 29th of November 2024, and show PDM that they've made a mistake."

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