PDM concerned over Gobabis, Omaheke audits

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development has reaffirmed his commitment to addressing audit and debt management challenges within regional and local authority councils.

This statement comes in response to queries posed by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Inna Hengari, who sought explanations about the Omaheke Regional Council and Gobabis Municipality audit reports.

PDM to table Private Persons Bill

President of the Popular Democratic Movement, McHenry Venaani, plans to table a Private Persons Bill aimed at addressing the "unfair discrimination" of minorities in Namibia.

Venaani, at a media conference, expressed what he termed concerns regarding the continuous neglect and failure of Namibia's current policies to protect the rights of minority groups.

PDM councillor Aletta Katiti Sem dies

Popular Democratic Movement councillor at Usakos, Aletta Katiti Sem (45), has died.

Sem served as the deputy mayor of Usakos and was also the acting Karibib Constituency Coordinator and interim chairperson of the PDM Women's League.

PDM president McHenry Venaani described the late Sem as an extraordinary individual whose unwavering commitment and tireless efforts played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Movement.

PDM leader calls on UN to intervene in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Popular Democratic Movement's President, McHenry Venaani, has called on United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres to intervene in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Venaani said this during the PDM management central committee meeting at Rundu.

Venaani says the crisis in Europe has negatively impacted other countries, citing food delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

PDM urges Government not to wait for tragedy to show care for citizens

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has called on the government to be caring at all times and not wait for tragedy to happen.

This was said by the party's Secretary-General Manuel Karingombe when he visited the bereaved Kangungu family, which lost 16 family members due to suspected food poisoning.

The party donated food items to the family.

Okaku Constitueny by-election campaigns end

Political parties at the Okaku by-elections have shown maturity during their campaigns with no incident of intimidation or provocation reported.

Parties contesting the by-election are Swapo, PDM, IPC and NEFF.

In its campaign message, PDM put forward a proposal policy of one family one toilet, and the construction of bridges to allow residents easy access to public institutions and facilities during floods as well as potable water in every household.

PDM is also advocating for the effective transformation of young people.

Venaani urges GRN to address the struggle kids plight

PDM leader McHenry Venaani says the recent actions by the children of the liberation struggle have the potential to pose a security threat, urging the government to urgently address their plight.

The call comes after a group of Struggle Kids recently blocked entry to the Ministry of Defense and locked offices with chains.

Many of the Struggle Kids are now grown up, but as orphans, their parents died as a consequence of the pre-independence fights.

Over the years, they have staged many protests, calling on the government to give them jobs.

PDM President proposes a special fund to assist flood victims

The president of the Popular Democratic Movement, McHenry Venaani, has called for the establishment of a special fund to assist flood victims in the northern parts of the country.

Venaani tabled and motivated a motion in the National Assembly appealing for help for the population affected by the floods.

While appreciating the N$72 million set aside to assist the affected residents, Venaani says there must be a special fund tailor-made for such eventualities.