Namibia has attained a 50-50 gender balance in the National Assembly, the spokesman of the lower house of parliament, Sakeus Kadhikwa, confirmed. 

Kadhikwa marked the achievement as a milestone, as Namibia is the only country so far in Africa that has reached gender balance in parliament.

The development underscores the nation's commitment to promoting inclusivity and equal representation in its political sphere. 

Monica Amoding, a former Ugandan member of parliament currently in Namibia with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, praised Namibia's achievement in reaching 50-50 gender parity. 

"We want to congratulate this country for moving from 44% to the 50–50% mark, which is the global ideal and model. Soon, Namibia could become one of the top performers globally, having attained 50–50% parity. I commend you on the African continent. This is commendable, and you are a role model. We look up to you as a nation across the continent to learn lessons on women's participation."

Amoding emphasised the importance of integrating this policy into the country's legal framework for sustained gender equality in future generations.

"What needs to happen in this country is to ensure that sustainability measures are implemented. If this were a policy, legal, or constitutional matter, it would have more sustainability. So, we're here to encourage the women and men of Namibia that embedding this policy in the legal framework of the country is the way to go."



Serafia Nadunya