President Nangolo Mbumba has reassured the diplomatic community of Namibia's commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and partnerships, continuing the legacy of the late President Hage Geingob. 

He highlighted Geingob's internationalist approach, which guided Namibia's foreign policy of being a friend to all and an enemy to none.

President Mbumba addressed the diplomatic corps during the New Year's greeting ceremony, held annually at State House.

He used the occasion to reiterate Namibia's gratitude for the overwhelming moral support and material assistance rendered during the country's darkest hour, following the death of the late President Geingob.

"We are profoundly appreciative of each and every Head of State and Government and their representatives who came to our shores or sent condolence messages, to comfort and console us. Once more, we thank you! We thank those countries that lowered their flags, declared periods of national mourning, and hosted memorial services to pay tribute to a true pan-Africanist and revolutionary. We thank our neighbouring countries, Angola, Botswana, and Zambia, for the material and technical assistance rendered, which contributed greatly to honouring our departed President with a befitting Heroes Funeral."

On the international front, President Mbumba described the year 2023 as an engaging year, during which bilateral and multilateral relations increasingly strengthened.

The Head of State says these were expounded on Namibia's initiatives under the Harambee Prosperity Plan Pillar 5 on International Relations and Cooperation.

"We remain grateful for the continued mutual engagements, which I would like to reassure will remain a constant element in our quest for deeper diplomatic relations. The Namibian Government will continue to promote stronger partnerships with your respective countries and institutions with a view to developing skills and expertise, as well as to attract more investments in agriculture, mining, and green hydrogen."

The diplomatic community is also proud of Namibia's approach to inclusive development through various initiatives and exemplary achievements in diplomacy and international relations.

The diplomatic community commended Namibia for its inclusive development initiatives and achievements in diplomacy and international relations. Namibia's chairmanship of the AU Peace and Security Council was noted as a symbol of its commitment to global solidarity for peace and security in line with Agenda 2063.

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