Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo has urged 818 cadet constables who are undergoing training at the Ruben Danger Ashipala Training Centre to be professional when they are deployed to various stations.

The cadets will graduate on May 3rd.

Emphasising the values of professionalism and selflessness, Lieutenant General Shikongo called upon the cadets to serve all Namibians and foreigners impartially, transcending ethnic and political boundaries.

Shikongo underscored the importance of upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect in the line of duty, adding that arrogance will not be tolerated.

"I came to prepare you, as you are going to join the rank and file of our organisation, and we are going to deploy you from May 10th. All of you will find yourself in full uniform, serving the public on a daily basis. We want to serve our communities with integrity, humility, high-level discipline, and accessibility. Some of the detectives are carrying dockets of complainants, and when they are called, they say, 'Look, don't ever call me on my mobile', and you don't want to give your names."

He added that boots should be on the ground as soon as they get to their offices and that they should not relax after they are deployed to their various workstations.

Of those who underwent training, about 28 voluntarily left, while nine were sent back home after it was discovered that they had criminal records.

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Ndapanda Shuuya