DRC residents warned against mob justice


Chief Inspector Ileni Shapumba, the Commander of Community Policing in the Erongo Region, has issued a stern warning to the public against engaging in mob justice and taking the law into their own hands. 

This warning was prompted by an incident in the DRC Informal Settlement of Swakopmund, where residents barricaded a road in response to the death of a woman who was reportedly struck and killed by a taxi driver a week ago.

Police IG disappointed by poor performance in Kavango East


Inspector General of the Police, Joseph Shikongo, has expressed disappointment with the performance of law enforcement officers in the Kavango East Region. 

Following a visit to the region, Shikongo addressed the underperformance and outlined improvement plans.

Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo says, that despite Kavango East being the second-largest region, there is enough manpower for effective policing. 

He pointed out police visibility as a key to combating crime.

Police announce key promotions to enhance quality policing services


A range of promotions have been announced by the Namibian Police.

Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo made the announcement in Windhoek on Wednesday, elevating several senior officers to higher ranks and assigning them to key positions. 

These promotions come with added responsibilities and are aimed at ensuring quality policing services for the people of Namibia.

One of the notable promotions is that of Deputy Commissioner Petrus Swartz, who has been promoted to the rank of Commissioner and appointed as the head of the Traffic Law Enforcement Directorate. 

President Mbumba urges Namibians to embrace compassion this Easter weekend


Namibians have been encouraged to recommit to the values of compassion, sacrifice, and care for one another as they collectively build a peaceful, safe, and prosperous Namibian house.

President Nangolo Mbumba extended these words of encouragement in a statement, on the occasion of the Easter weekend.

He urged the citizens to steer clear of any conduct that is hurtful, drive safely, and show respect towards law enforcement officers.

The  law enforcement agencies have also been called upon to redouble their efforts to ensure a crime-free weekend.

Police Inspector General urges cadet constables to embrace professionalism


Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo has urged 818 cadet constables who are undergoing training at the Ruben Danger Ashipala Training Centre to be professional when they are deployed to various stations.

The cadets will graduate on May 3rd.

Emphasising the values of professionalism and selflessness, Lieutenant General Shikongo called upon the cadets to serve all Namibians and foreigners impartially, transcending ethnic and political boundaries.