The Vineta Stadium in Swakopmund was the stage for the annual Erongo Regional Athletics Championships, where over 350 athletes from various parts of the region showcased their talents in track and field events.

Schools from the Welwitschia, Omaruru, Karibib, and Daures School Zones all participated in the competition.

After a month of competitions in all zones across the Erongo region, the Championships provided the final opportunity for qualifying athletes to shine.

The championships were a thrilling spectacle, featuring intense competitions and remarkable displays of skill from the top athletes in each zone.

The primary goal of the championships was to identify athletes to represent the national team.

Given //Gowaseb, the Chairperson of Erongo School Sports, highlighted the event's importance, underscoring its role as a crucial platform for athletes to develop their skills and potentially earn the opportunity to compete for Namibia on the global stage.

A total of 36 records were broken throughout the day in both track and field events.

The selected athletes will now advance to the National event scheduled for May 9th to 11th, 2024.



Trimo Herbst