The Green Hydrogen pilot projects are in full swing, with some expected to commence by June this year.

The project leaders gave an update during the Green Hydrogen Symposium held in Windhoek. 

These include the Daures Green Hydrogen Village, Cleanergy Refuelling Station, and HyRail Hydrogen Dual-Fuel Locomotive projects.

The Daures Green Hydrogen project, which is close to 80% completion, is set to produce green hydrogen and ammonia from renewable resources. 

The Cleanergy Refuelling Station is set to test and develop a green hydrogen production and refuelling station.

The project, which is still under construction, is being implemented six kilometres outside Walvis Bay.

HyRail Hydrogen Dual Fuel Locomotive will convert two locomotives to operate with green hydrogen fuel and diesel in dual mode. 

The project is expected to be completed in about four years.

The three pilot projects have a research component done by the University of Namibia and research partners.

The conference will conclude with site visits to the project areas.

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Selima Henock