Copper cable theft has been on the rise in Namibia, causing significant problems for electricity distribution companies and the communities they serve.

The town of Okahandja has become a hotspot for this dangerous criminal activity.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, residents of Smarties extension 9 in Okahandja were awakened by a loud sound, followed by a power outage.

At sunrise, residents noticed that three copper cables had been cut from a transformer supplying power to their houses. They promptly alerted CENORED officials, who responded quickly.

Copper cable theft has a negative impact on society, resulting in missed deadlines, loss of business, and increased stress levels for individuals trying to balance professional responsibilities with education and personal life.

Chali Matengu, the Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing at CENORED, was present at the scene and described the act as barbaric. He expressed concern about the proximity of the crime to residential areas, indicating that the criminals responsible seem comfortable and fearless.

Matengu also mentioned that their investigations have revealed that most stolen copper cables end up at scrap yards. He called on scrap yard owners to implement measures such as keeping records and details of individuals selling copper cables to them.

CENORED has been holding public meetings in different towns to combat copper cable theft, involving all affected stakeholders. This approach has proven successful, and they plan to do the same for Okahandja due to the high incidence of theft.

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Edelberd Mukena