Despite some rainfall in its catchment area, the water level of the Hardap Dam has not significantly improved.

Dawie De Klerk, Chairperson of the Hardap Irrigation Farmers Association, reports that the dam has received only 0.7% water inflow following the rains.

As of Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, the dam level was 12.2% compared to 11.5% on Monday morning.

According to De Klerk, the dam is still experiencing some inflow.

Residents of Mariental and the Hardap Irrigation Scheme rely on the Hardap Dam for water supplies.

There is still some inflow, albeit minimal, from the Fish River at Koep, approximately 20-30 kilometres west of Kalkrand. We expect this inflow to continue for another day or two, but it will not have a significant impact on the dam. We are talking about a potential increase of 1 or 2 percent.

De Klerk stated that NamWater has agreed to suspend water supply to the Hardap Irrigation Scheme by the end of this month in order to ensure potable water for both humans and livestock.

Projections indicate that if the dam level remains low, potable water supplies will last until the next rainy season.

Meanwhile, the southern town of Keetmanshoop experienced heavy rain, hail, and strong winds on Tuesday, resulting in some flash floods.

The rain caused flooding in houses located in low-lying areas of the town.

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