The Frank Fredericks Foundation commemorated a significant milestone as it celebrated its 25th anniversary with a lively event on Sunday.

Trustees of the Foundation gathered to reflect on the journey that began in April 1999, highlighting the impactful support provided to athletes through scholarships and initiatives dedicated to uplifting the sporting community.

The presence of the Minister of Sport, Youth, and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero, added prestige to the occasion, underscoring the Foundation's commitment to fostering athletic talent in the nation.

In a poignant address, Frank Fredericks, the renowned sprinter and driving force behind the Foundation, shared reflections on the transformative opportunities created by the organization over the past quarter-century.

The heartfelt appreciation extended by Stay-C Sandlana, a beneficiary of the Foundation's programs, further underscored the profound impact of the Foundation on athletes' professional journeys.

Sandlana's gesture of gratitude through a collection of cherished memories encapsulates the enduring legacy of the Frank Fredericks Foundation in shaping the future of sports in the nation.



Kavii Vezemburuka