Vandalism and theft of water borehole equipment such as cylinders and solar panels are rampant in the Ohangwena Region.

This has left some communities without water during this critical time when it is needed most.

During the recent handover of deep boreholes to the community by the Office of the Prime Minister in the Ohangwena Region, the governor expressed disappointment with the irresponsible acts by criminals who are depriving the community of this scarce resource.

At the same time, according to Sebastian Ndeitunga, this behaviour is also a setback to the government's efforts to provide potable water throughout the country.

The governor also pointed the finger at the community, as they are also to blame for not being vigilant and sometimes also harbouring these criminal elements within their communities.

"Most boreholes that were installed were stolen by us, by Namibians. Cylinders were stolen by our sons, husbands, daughters, and neighbours. Those cylinders are pumping water. In the Okongo constituency, 20 have been stolen already. Who's stealing them, and who's selling them? Some of our people here are harbouring criminals who are stealing those pumps. You don't even ask where you are getting this pump."

During the handover of the boreholes, the community assured the governor and the prime minister that this time around they would jealously look after these new boreholes.



Ben Tsuob