The Namibia Sport Commission's Chief Administrator, Freddy Mwiya, expressed his satisfaction with the positive outcome of the recent meeting with Sport Federations, Organizations, and Umbrella Bodies.

The annual general meeting (AGM) is a platform created by the Namibia Sport Commission to engage with Sport Federations and Umbrella Bodies on issues of mutual benefit, while also fostering learning from each other.

The AGM provides a platform for the different federations and organizations to learn from one another and share best practices regarding various structures.

Chief Administrator Mwiya highlighted achieving a 96% attendance rate from federations at the meeting. Discussions covered key topics such as the Sport Act and its regulations.

The meeting also offered training on the proper working chain of command between the Secretariat and the board of directors within the different federations and organizations, considering their respective mandates.

"Once you have overlapping functions, it can lead to conflict," Mwiya explained Mwiya further emphasized the importance of maintaining open communication channels between the Namibia Sport Commission and the Federations.

Mathew Haikali, a Sport Consultant who presented on Corporate Governance, commended the meeting as long overdue.

He believes it signifies a positive step forward for Namibian sport. Mwiya expressed his hope that the Sport Commission, Federations, and other umbrella bodies will continue to work together collaboratively, aiming to serve the greater good of sport development rather than engaging in conflict.



Wesley Vries