Windhoek resident Ray Sasman is on her way to complete a momentous task of walking 2,300 kilometres from Noordoewer in the ||Kharas Region to Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

Sasman set off the walk-themed 'Walk With Me' 13 days ago to raise funds for the Walvis Bay Municipality's planned youth centre.

Sasman says her mission is aimed at placing a spotlight on Namibia's youth and the resources, support, and opportunities they need to build a better future in which they can thrive.

Sasman arrived at Keetmanshoop on day 12.

“What inspired me to do this was that, growing up, I had a safe space to go to—a youth centre at Khomasdal during the apartheid regime. This became a safe haven for me and so many other children. I would like to take forward the investment in me as a young person. And people like Elago Nantana, who will also walk Namibia in 2022, are a great inspiration for me to really go through with this journey, and I would like to walk for the youth of Namibia. I want them to know that they are not alone and that we are with them every step of the way.”

Sasman says there have been several hiccups on her journey to complete the walk, but she still plans to complete it within three months.

She walks about 20 kilometres per day.

“Yes, I have had quite a few challenges. The biggest one was the heat—the intense heat along the way, especially the trip from Noordoewer to Grunau. I suffered from severe heat stroke, I got a couple of blisters and the wheel along the way, especially the trip from Noordoewer to Grunau. I suffered from a severe heat stroke, I got a couple of blisters, and the wheel on my donkey that I was pulling along with all my gear broke. Luckily, my cousins here in Keetmanshoop picked up my car along the road and brought it to Keetmanshoop so that I could continue unhindered without that, and my donkey is now currently being serviced, so hopefully by Wednesday she will be ready to go with me.”

Expressing gratitude to road users and farming communities for supporting her along the road, Sasman calls on corporate entities to come on board in supporting her fundraising effort.

“Some funds have come in from individuals, but I am hoping for big corporations like MTC, Gondwana, and Olthaver & List, to name but a few. I would like to see them step in and say, Ray, We're going to sponsor you N$5 or N$10 per kilometre because I think that will make a very big difference.”

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Ray Sasman


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