Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Eveline !Nawases-Taeyele, stated that the Oshakati Town Council remains committed to holistic urban development strategies that prioritise inclusivity and sustainability. 

She made these remarks during the groundbreaking ceremony for the upgrades of the 111 and 92 roads, along with the construction of a gravity sewer network at Evululuko Extension 1 and Phase 2.

The two projects are set to cost over N$13 million combined with the upgrading of the road leading to the open market.

The construction of the gravity sewer phase 3 network in Evululuko will cost almost N$5 million. 

!Nawases-Taeyele reiterated the importance of the provision of basic services for every household and access to proper roads.

She was also impressed that the council has permitted residents to connect to the sewerage lines for free for a period of one year upon the project's completion. 

"This endeavour also aligns with our broader agenda of promoting economic growth, job creation, and environmental stewardship. The construction of this infrastructure will not only improve accessibility and connectivity but also stimulate local commerce and enhance the overall quality of life for the residents of Oshakati."

The projects will improve connectivity and open up avenues for economic development, as well as ensure hygiene in both formal and informal settlements in the town. 

The two projects are projected to be completed in October and November of this year, respectively. 

The Oshakati Mayor, Leonard Hango, says the council has made significant strides during its tenure.
"As a council, we place emphasis on ensuring that we improve infrastructure in town. In doing so, the council has heeded the cry of our residents."

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Oshakati Town Council


Ndapanda Shuuya