Otjozondupa Region communities demand action on unemployment and infrastructure


Communities in the Otjozondupa Region cited unemployment, a lack of infrastructure, and bulk services as areas that need urgent attention.

The inhabitants revealed this to the officials of the National Planning Commission (NPC) during their visit to the region.

To finalise the 6th National Development Plan, the NPC is conducting consultations in the region for their input and to understand the challenges they face.

Local company restores borehole at Dr. Fischer Primary School for education and sustainability


A local company, South Haven Commodities, has stepped up to rehabilitate the borehole of Dr. Fischer Primary School in the Aminuis Constituency which has been dysfunctional since last year.

The company's director, Tjakazenga Kamuhanga, says education is one of the sectors that requires collective action from all stakeholders.

Education Inspector Ismael Kazondanga said the rehabilitation of the borehole will enable the school to engage in agriculture-related activities that will assist the school in raising funds for its upkeep. 

Minister Schlettwein advocates water reuse to tackle Kunene Region's water scarcity


The Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform, Carl Schlettwein, said the water reuse method is an approach that can be taken in Kunene to address the water shortage in the region.

Schlettwein said this at the joint commemoration of World Wetlands Day and World Water Day in Opuwo.

Wetlands are ecosystems that contain water permanently or seasonally.

World Wetlands Day 2024 calls for attention to the interconnectedness between wetlands and various aspects of human existence.

NCRST, NUST host a hackathon to tackle Namibia's road accident crisis


The National Commission on Research, Science, and Technology (NCRST), in conjunction with the Namibian University of Technology (NUST), is hosting a hackathon event. 

The event brought together local and international innovators, researchers, students, and developers with the shared goal of reducing road accidents through technological advancements.

Namibia, like other countries, is faced with a public health concern over road accidents that rob nations of productive citizens.

Rössing Uranium Mine launches 2022 Sustainability and Performance Report


Despite global economic challenges and high inflation rates, the Rossing Uranium Mine has reportedly achieved positive cash flow in 2022, declaring a net profit after tax of N$840 million.

This information was disclosed during the launch of Rossing Uranium's 2022 Sustainability and Performance Report in Windhoek on Monday.

The mine also declared an in-term dividend of N$49.7 million to shareholders.