Swapo Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has affirmed that the party will continue to strengthen its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

This statement follows her recent weeklong trip to China, where she led a delegation of the party's Central Committee members to discuss bilateral political relations.

"It is a continuing process that will continue so that the two parties will assist each other up until something happens, but for now we are having that sisterly friendship, and we will continue to respect that on a mutual basis."

She refuted allegations that they were in China to mobilise finances from the CCP for the Swapo Party for the November national election.

"I would like to make it categorically clear that the political bilateral relations between the Swapo Party and the Communist Party of China have been there since the days before independence, and these relationships have been established by the founding fathers. And I want to make it clear that I am not the first S.G. to visit the Communist Party of China."

Shaningwa also refuted allegations that she was in the company of a Chinese-born business tycoon in Namibia, Stina Wu. 

The Electoral Commission of Namibia's Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer, Petrus Shaama, was also not part of the delegation as alleged, she said.

"It is very irresponsible for the people to want to taint the name of the Swapo Party that I have gone to China to prepare the ballot papers. It doesn't work like that, and it must be cleared that whenever the ballot papers will be used in elections it is a process that should be adhered to by each party."

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July Nafuka