The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) raised more than N$500,000 for the annual ICT summit scheduled to take place from September 9 to 11.

The summit is intended to serve as a platform for industry leaders and players to exchange insights and shape the development trajectory of the ICT sector.

During a fundraising breakfast held in Windhoek, numerous corporations and public enterprises pledged in various categories, such as platinum, gold, diamonds, and silver. 

"The benefit for all categories is that for all the sponsors, everyone will have the opportunity to set up the stand; everyone will exhibit services or products. Every sponsor will run promotional exhibitions," said ICT Minister Emma Theofelus, adding that the eighth edition of the summit presents unique opportunities for interaction between policymakers, ICT experts, academia, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

"The 8th Annual National ICT Summit will be held under the theme "Building resilience to "adapt or die" in the era of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI)". Thus, building resilience to "adapt or die" is not merely an option anymore; it has become a necessity. It requires a proactive, strategic approach that empowers our citizens, businesses, and government institutions to embrace the digital revolution and leverage its possibilities to their advantage. Building resilience means transforming ourselves into agile entities able to withstand and thrive in the face of disruption." 

The minister further said that the emergence of digital transformation and AI presents numerous opportunities. 

The industry has the potential to revolutionise industries, enhance efficiencies, and improve the lives of Namibians.

"However, it also brings along its fair share of challenges and risks. The rapid pace of technological advancement demands swift adaptability from organisations and individuals alike. Failing to adapt means falling behind, potentially leading to irrelevance or even extinction. Therefore, I am calling on both private and government institutions to come on board and play a significant role at this exceptional national event." 

The Ministry is encouraging stakeholders and potential sponsors to use the opportunity to demonstrate their organisation's commitment to the ICT sector by being part of the eighth National ICT Summit.

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Selima Henock