A delegation from the European Instrument for International Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) Training and Tutoring Project paid a visit to the University of Namibia's main campus in Windhoek. 

During the visit, the two institutions looked at possible areas of collaboration in promoting nuclear safety and regulatory standards through human capacity building. 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs at UNAM, Frednard Gideo, revealed that since the inception of UNAM's Master's in Nuclear Science 10 years ago, they have so far only trained 16 people in this field. 

Professor Gideon said this is because the university is currently facing a significant shortage of lecturers, particularly in this specialised field, which has also resulted in them being unable to train students at all qualification levels in nuclear science. 

The European INSC Training and Tutoring Project aims to enhance the capabilities of national nuclear regulatory authorities and technical support organisations in non-EU countries. 

This project is part of the EU's broader initiative to promote nuclear safety by providing targeted training and hands-on tutoring.

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July Nafuka