Swapo Party's Central Committee Member Albert Kawana has welcomed 500 new members in Kabbe North District`.

Welcoming the new members, Dr. Kawana reminded them that Swapo did not only fight for the liberation of the country but for the wellbeing of all citizens, irrespective of their background.

He noted that the Zambezi Region has a rich history with the Swapo Party, and they should be on the lookout not to be misled.

"Do not go astray from those who led us, because history will not be kind to us. Our ancestors died fighting for this country, and some of us followed them. No one should tell you today to take a different path and join those who fought against Swapo because the ancestors will not forgive us."

Dr. Kawana cautioned the youth to be vigilant against those whom he said are using youths to cause instability and disrupt peace.

"Young people must not get lost because those who died for this country are your parents and your brothers, and today you must not be misled by those who are coming only now to dismantle the foundation that your parents built. You must not make such mistakes because their spirits will not forgive you."

Dr. Kawana called on all members of Swapo to register for the November elections.

"All Swapo Party members and supporters throughout Namibia, especially those in the Zambezi Region, go and register so that we continue with the legacy of service delivery, the services to the vulnerable members of our society, as well as to address social development challenges."


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Sililo Mubiana