Rundu Intermediate Hospital's Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jean Kalala Kabangu, says serious intervention is needed regarding the suspected food poisoning cases coming from the Nyangana District. 

In the latest case, one minor died while five others were admitted to the hospital for suspected food poisoning.

Dr. Kabangu says the patients ate cassava root prepared by the grandmother, who is also admitted. 

Those in the hospital are 60- and 22-year-old women and three boys aged ten, seven, and four. 

"We need to address the issue of hunger there. If you don't address that one, we are playing a losing game. We are the ones losing because that is our community. The community that we want to keep really safe and healthy ends up with food poisoning. I think there is a need for something to be done." 

In May last year, 16 family members died from suspected food poisoning, while four others died in February this year, also from suspected food poisoning. 

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Frances Shaahama