Learners at Alufea Sampofu Combined School have emphasized the need for inclusive, quality education in all schools.

They made this call during the commemoration of African Child Day.

The proud learners of Alufea Combined School highlighted the benefits of quality education in achieving their dreams.

They say the days are gone when they were sent to herd cattle and trained to only become wives.

Katima Mulilo Urban Councilor, Kennedy Simasiku, reminded learners of their responsibilities while also acknowledging that the government is taking steps to ensure their well-being and secure their future.

"It is your day, the African child. We celebrate you, you are special, and we vow to look after you, care for you, and protect you."

Zambezi Education Director, Alex Sikume, wants everyone to work together for the benefit of African children, but they too need to step up.

"My learners, as you demand quality education as a right stated in the constitution, you are responsible for attending school regularly, learning and working hard, cooperating respectfully with teachers and fellow learners, and adhering to school rules and the code of conduct."

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