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Over 300 residents of the Ondangwa Urban Constituency have been trained in bead and jewellery manufacturing from recycled material as well as perfume making to empower them in making a living for themselves.

Ondangwa Urban Councillor Roni Negonga says unemployment is a big concern amongst the constituency's inhabitants making survival a battle for many households. 

He says this has prompted his office to scout for tangible training opportunities in various fields to equip inhabitants with the necessary skills to create jobs for themselves. 

The training, which will run for three days, will cover making beads out of paper and learning about business ethics to keep them afloat. 

Participants we spoke to hailed the organisers for a well-vested training opportunity citing that they will not leave it there but will establish the jewellery-making businesses as well as teach others who were not able to participate in this training.  

Men, especially, are encouraged to take part in various types of training on offer, as only three men formed part of this training.

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Ndapanda Shuuya