Efforts to revive the Onehanga Youth Agricultural Project in the Ohangwena Region's Okongo Constituency have not yielded fruit to date. 

The project was introduced 23 years ago when the Swapo Party Youth League in Ohangwena was given land at no cost by the late Headman of Onehanga Village, Fillipus Haukongo, as an income generation and employment creation project.

The SPYL Ohangwena Branch then handed over the land to the Ohangwena regional youth forum to run it on its behalf, which then started looking for funds to get the project off the ground.

Some funds were secured, the land was de-bushed and fenced off, and solar-powered boreholes were installed for water provision.

Young people, irrespective of their political affiliation, started working on the project, producing vegetables for an income, and they were receiving a monthly incentive.

Millions of dollars were spent on the project for its upliftment and to create permanent jobs for youth.

The Social Security Commission also pumped N$2.5 million into the project.

Some funds were allegedly used to construct dormitories to accommodate the youth who would be working, but the structures are now in a dilapidated state with the roofing falling apart.

The Councillor of Okongo Constituency, Lebeus Shipindo, is concerned over the agricultural equipment that lies abandoned at the project and at a high risk of being stolen.

The nbc News team observed livestock grazing in the yard and new gardening tools bought for the project scattered without a guard.

Mismanagement of funds, poor management, and a lack of youth interest in their project, are said to be some of the contributing factors to the project's failure.

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The Namibian


Tonateni Haimbodi