Namibia has officially sent off a team of competitors to the special edition of the World Skills competition, to be held in different European countries.

The 25-member team comprises eight competitors as well as expected and accompanying officials.

The World Skills Competition 2022 was supposed to have been held in Shanghai, China, but the event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The current team specialises in various disciplines, which are cooking, fashion technology, automobile technology, refrigerators, cooking and restaurant services, air-conditioning, bricklaying and electrical installations.

NTA Acting CEO Muvatera Ndjoze-Siririka sent off the team and called on them to represent Namibia well.

The competition will take place in two weeks, with different codes going to different countries.

Refrigerator and air conditioning technology, as well as automobile technology, will be held in Germany; fashion technology in Finland; and cooking and restaurant services in Switzerland.

Wall and floor tiling will be held in Italy, while electrical installations will be in Austria.


Photo Credits
Jefta Tjihumino
Jefta Tjihumino