President Hage Geingob says it is the duty of the current generation to embark on the struggle for socio-economic transformation.

Dr Geingob said this socio-economic transformation would require the same bravery and zeal that the heroes and heroines had during the struggle for political independence.

Dr Geingob said this when he addressed Zambia's 58th Independence Day commemorations in the capital, Lusaka, on Monday.

"We must be the authors of our own history and the navigators of our own destiny. Let our freedom and independence drive us to collectively achieve great milestones. Together, we must hold the future in our own hands. Together, as free people, let us hold hands and march towards our common destiny. A destiny of shared prosperity and economic emancipation."

President Geingob recalls that Zambia's fierce resistance against colonial oppression inspired the former liberation movements in SADC, including the Swapo Party, to fight for their own independence.

Under the leadership of founding President Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia bore the brunt of attacks by the then Rhodesian, South African, and Portuguese colonial forces for providing shelter and other material support to freedom fighters.

The President says Namibia will always be indebted to Zambia for its unwavering solidarity.

"It was in Zambia that Swapo set up the Nyango Health and Education Centre, which at one stage catered for close to five thousand Namibians. It was in Zambia, right here in Lusaka, where the United Nations Institute for Namibia (UNIN) was opened to provide training for Namibians. Yours truly is honoured to have been the director of this institute. An institute that opened the doors to so many peerless administrators who have formed the core of our governance architecture for over three decades."

Zambia, Geingob said, has maintained sound bilateral ties with neighbouring countries, even during government and governing party changes.

"Namibia is proud to congratulate the people of Zambia on 58 years of independence. This freedom is a gift. Cherish it, protect it and nurture it so that this nation will continue to enjoy peace and stability while rising to even higher heights."

At the ceremony, several Zambians were honoured for the positive contributions they made in the fields of science, the media, the environment and agriculture, among others.

Zambians marked the 58th independence anniversary under the theme "Promoting Inclusiveness Towards a Sustainable Social and Economic Recovery."

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