The Erongo Police have confiscated drugs worth N$1.2 million from young people since the beginning of the year. 

Substance abuse is said to be an enormous social problem in the Erongo Region, with Swakopmund's Mondesa being the hotspot.

Since January, about 217 people were arrested of whom 98 are young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

The Erongo Regional Police Commander Nikolaus Kupembona in an interview with nbc News said young people's lives are at risk and has called on the church, schools, parents, and community to help fight the use of drugs.

Commissioner Kupembona, says drugs fuel a life of addiction and destruction, so much so that many users have left their jobs due to substance abuse.

Others have deserted their families and turned to a life of crime to survive.

"Cocaine is a very dangerous drug, once you use it you are addicted and this will lead to you selling all your belongings because you want that  kick in your body:"

The regional commander added that people who struggle with addiction are not the only ones who feel the impact, the immediate family suffers and this alters their lives in every aspect.

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Stefan Uirab