Residents of the ||Kharas Region say the opening of one of the only garment factories in the region has enabled many to save money, as most had to travel to Windhoek to buy school uniforms for their children.

Parents and guardians flocked to the factory to secure school uniforms for their children. A few were lucky and managed to buy uniforms for their children, while others, like Julienie Mathys, were not as lucky as most uniforms were sold out.

"I came here today because my firstborn is going to grade 1 next week, so I came here to buy her a school uniform, but unfortunately they don't have the school uniforms for Kronlein Primary School, but for the other schools, as you can see, they're here."

Despite not finding what he was looking for, Mathys is happy that the factory was set up and is hopeful that more uniforms will be produced during the week.

"It's very important because it cuts all the expenses. Previously, you had to travel to Windhoek, and when you arrived, you couldn't even find what you came for. So, now it's comfortable for everyone to come here, and the factory is even located in the middle of Tseiblaagte and Kronlein near the schools, so it's affordable for everyone."

The tailors at the factory were busy, including adjusting some of the uniforms to ensure that they fit perfectly.

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Natangwe Jimmy