The ||Kharas Regional Council has allocated N$ 150 000 to rehabilitate the entrance of Keetmanshoop State Hospital.

This was revealed by the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor, Gertjie Witbooi during a demonstration at Keetmanshoop where community members demanded the opening of the southern entrance for vehicles. 

Currently, patients and visitors to the state hospital are making use of the northern entrance to access medical services when transported by private or public transport.

The entrance for vehicles was closed after a fight broke out at the hospital resulting in the death of one person.  

Keetmanshoop resident Lucy Amunyela said she has a chronic condition, and after being dropped off they have to walk so far to the entrance of the hospital, she said many times she fainted only to be assisted by people, and she doesn't see the logic as to why the gate is still not open."

Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor, Gertjie Witbooi says that his constituency is hard at work finalizing the final tender documentation. 

"We have allocated N$156 000 for the opening of this gate and this gate must be opened because this is the shortest path or our propel from Teiblaagter or any other location here in Keetmanshoop to reach this hospital for health reasons."

Witbooi says that construction companies from the constituency will have a preference to ensure that residents in the constituency are provided with part-time work during the rehabilitation process. 



Natangwe Jimmy