The newly elected Ombara Otjitambi Dr. Hoze Riruako of chief Kapuuo's faction says the Ovaherero people will overcome the ongoing challenges.

Hoze Riruako was elected a few months after another faction of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority installed Professor Mutjinde Katjiua as Ombara Otjitambi.

The OTA now has two men with the same title.

Hoze Riruako's election and subsequent appointment as Ombara Otjitambi was held at Otjimbingwe.

It was at this historical village that the first Paramount Chief Samuel Maharero was appointed to lead the Ovaherereo people.

People who once stood united and firm against brutal colonial forces are now divided.

With every installation of a Paramount Chief the public display of fighting for authority and court battles, including sarcastic social media utterings have become the order of the day. 

But at the Riruako appointment, the message was unity.

The senate met behind closed doors for over 16 hours, and after several irregularities were identified regarding the method which should be used to elect a new Paramount Chief, the more than 200 delegates agreed on a secret ballot.

Dr. Hoze Riruako emerged victorious, garnering 75% of the votes.

The election was followed by traditional rituals, to bless the newly elected Ombara Otjitambi with wisdom.

The other two candidates, McHenry Venaani and Mike Kavetokora also joined the ceremony, as a sign of unity.

Paramount Chief, Dr. Hoze Riruako, disputed the installation of Mutjinde Katjiua, saying the Ovaherero people have withstood the test of time during some of the most daring and trying times.

"I am not worried about that, even in your own house, there are so many divisions, I am not troubled, it will take the right approach to harmonize different opinions, and foster any difficulties that exist in that household, I will be the best leader to ever lead this nation if you will be the best supporter, advisor and follower of this nation."

All speakers agreed on the disintegration of the leadership of the once solid OvaHerero Traditional leaders.

McHenry Venaani who gained over 40 votes says he accepts the outcome and recognizes Riruako as his paramount Chief.

"I want to urge our new Paramount Chief, my dear cousin, be a peacemaker, go to our people, go to the blind men, respect the blind, respect the old, the young, take the hand of peace to our people and unite our people, it can be done."

Mike Kavekotora who gained 33 votes said the unity of the Hereros is of paramount importance, we need to unite, we are too fragmented for political reasons, hunger and all other irrelevant issues.

NUDO leader Utjiua Muinjangue also pledged her support to the new Ombara Otjitambi saying, they are too fragmented, they need the new chief to bring people together, and they need him to bring peace among this community.



Emil Seibeb