Fresh evidence was revealed during the trial of Azaan Madisia, accused of murdering Shannon Wasserfal.

Following the latest evidence from Madisia's computer, a state witness claimed that the accused may have carefully planned the murder of her friend, Wasserfall, for months.

The search for the truth behind the disappearance of Wasserfal has taken a disturbing turn as Sergeant Robert Iipuleni revealed in his testimony that he came across evidence when he was tasked with browsing the accused's computer.

Iipuleni says on April 5, 2020, the accused's computer was used to search "at what temperature do human bones burn to ashes?"

Just five days later, on April 10, Wasserfall disappeared, and a missing person report was filed with the police.

Iipuleni also disclosed that before the arrest of the accused, searches for "how long do forensic reports take in Namibia" and "how does MTC trace a number" were conducted.

This was not the only suspicious activity discovered.

Another state witness Chief Inspector John Mwatongwe previously testified that Madisia used multiple SIM cards to communicate with the police and the deceased's family, leading them to the location of Wasserfal's body six months after her disappearance.

The SIM cards were traced back to Madisia's mobile phone.

Madisia is on trial for murder alongside her brother, Steven Mulundu, who is accused of conspiring to dispose of the body of 21-year-old Wasserfall in 2020.

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